What is pre-workout (PWO)?

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Let’s have a quick talk about Pre-Workout Supplements (PWO). PWO is not a necessity. You can run without shoes, but isn’t it just better to train with running shoes? Yes, we can quickly agree on that. It doesn’t mean it’s great to run in flip-flops, clogs, or high-heeled boots. Unfortunately, about 98% of the PWOs available on the market fall into the latter category. What should you watch for when choosing a PWO? Proprietary blends are the first warning sign. Essentially, you receive an underdosed PWO with raw materials to save production costs, which you end up paying a premium for. Don’t just focus on the amount of caffeine. A PWO should not only give you a stimulant boost but enhance your workout with ingredients that serve a specific purpose – from increased pump through vasodilation, endurance, and mental focus with nootropics. Taking pre-workout supplements before exercising is highly popular. But does it actually work? Colorful containers and liquids that promise to give you the workout of your life if you consume them beforehand. There are thousands of different products, each with various ingredients and quantities. The typical ingredients include: Caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, citrulline, BCAAs, various vitamins, and extracts. At Supreme Supps, we handpick all PWO, and you are sure to find a PWO of clinical doses and of the highest class (e.g. fromConteh or 10XStim). A study from 2019 tested an 8-week intake of a pre-mixed PWO. The group that took PWO did not achieve better results or perform better than the group that did not. This is in line with what is generally seen in research on pre-mixed PWOs. Og nu kommer det vanvittige. Another study in 2016 showed that 77% believed they got a boost from their workout by taking a PWO, which ultimately was psychologically based, as PWO intake was a placebo ???? ???? There are also studies where performance is improved, but this can often be attributed solely to the caffeine content. Research also shows that the doses in these products are often underdosed according to evidence-based recommendations. In Denmark, all PWOs are underdosed, which is why the effect is not genuine. This is also the reason why a significant portion of people buy their PWO from abroad. At Supreme Supps, we have chosen to introduce only PWOs with clinically documented correct dosages ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????? ???? It can be a good idea to take a break from your PWO, especially if it contains stimulants, as the body becomes accustomed to the amount of caffeine and builds tolerance ☕️ During those periods, it may be a good idea to use what we call ‘pump’ products without stimulants. These products focus on vasodilation – what we refer to as the pump! Using too much caffeine can actually counteract the pump effect, so pump products can be a good alternative, especially for those who work out later in the afternoon or evening to avoid caffeine. Caffeine can indeed have a negative impact on sleep ???? Supreme Supps offers a wide range of both PWOs with and without stimulants. All of these are clinically correctly dosed to provide you with the optimal effect. Some of them also contain nootropics that help you achieve better focus and a strong mind-muscle connection! What’s not to like????? If you’re training later in the afternoon, we always recommend primarily using pump PWOs without stimulants. We’re big fans of Strom’s Vascumax, which provides the most incredible pump, great effects, and a strong mind-muscle connection As Arnold once said: “The greatest feeling you can get in the gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym, is the PUMP! ”  And he was right ???? Am I right?

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