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Supplement needs Thyroidstack

Supplement needs Thyroidstack

319,00 kr.

Supplement needs Thyroidstack

Supplement Needs has become known for its well-developed, detailed and advanced sports nutrition products, packed with formulas that typically hold nothing back.

The latest form developed by Dr. Dean St. March is with the thyroid-focused weight loss product Thyroid Stack.

You can see the ingredients and dosages Supplement Needs has compiled for Thyroid Stack in the facts panel below, and it’s a solid selection. As mentioned, the primary goals of the dietary supplement are thyroid-focused, built to support synthesis and conversion of thyroid hormone, as well as support lipolysis, metabolism and fat loss.

Especially during and after a Prep, the product is extra good support.

Kosttilskud kræver Thryoid Stack Label

Several of the key ingredients rolled into Supplement Needs Thyroid Stack include half a gram of tyrosine, another half gram of olive leaf, 150 mg of guggul, and three premium, brand-name ingredients. On the premium side, there are 40mg of Paradoxine grains of paradise, 100mg of Capsimax and 250mg of the increasingly popular and proven MitoBurn.

Once again, when it comes to sports nutrition products, Supplement Needs always takes an advanced and comprehensive approach, and this is evident in Thyroid Stack. The product is technically under the weight loss category, although the formula is very different from its stimulant competitors and designed primarily for thyroid support.

30 servings in a full size bottle.


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Supplement needs Thyroidstack