Quamtrax Rice flour

Quamtrax Rice flour

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Quamtrax Rice flour
Quamtrax Rice flour

Quamtrax Rice flour

The popular Cream of rice (COR)!
We were the first to introduce this brand to the country, and for good reason. Despite having thoroughly tested and 20 different brands that were difficult to mix around, gritty or solidified if it got 15 sec too much in the micro oven, we did not have any problems with this product.
We are proud to have Denmark’s cheapest COR.
It’s long been popular with people who exercise, and for good reason! COR is easily absorbed and digested, which is why it is great to use around training, but also if you have problems with digestion or eating enough.
It can be used as a substitute for oatmeal and is both gluten-free and vegan.
COR can be made into both a thick creamy portion but also made into a thinner porridge consistency, depending on the amount of boiling water you use. They are available in the flavors brownie, choko hazel, cookies, cheesecake, oatmeal, chocolate and custard cream. You can add your favorite toppings or syrup to increase the flavor, or you can add it to your favorite protein shake. If we have to rate the flavor from 1 to 10, then it gives 11.
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Chokolade, Choco Hazel, Cheese cake, Biscuit Cream custard, Vanilla, Brownie, Cookies and Cream


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