Quamtrax Isopro


Whey Protein Isolate PROVON, L-Glutamine 4% KyowaTM Quality, Flavors (banana flavor), Thickener: Guar gum, ® Sweetener: Sucralose. Contains lactose and soy. May contain traces of gluten, nuts and eggs.

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Quamtrax Isopro

Isopro CFM is an isolated whey protein obtained using the Cross-Flow Microfiltration (CFM™) method to avoid protein denaturation.

We have long been looking for an isolate protein powder that is not only a good quality protein powder, but whose taste could also outshine other isolate proteins.

Thanks to this method, almost all fat and lactose are removed; The result is a absorbable and quickly digestible protein. In addition, it provides a high BCAA content that is commensurate with an isolated whey protein.

Isopro CFM™ is perfect to take after exercise or even as part of your entire daily protein intake. It contains Kyowa™ glutamine, which accelerates muscle recovery afterwards, regardless of the type of training. As it could not be otherwise, Quamtrax Nutrition uses PROVON™ as its raw material, which certifies the highest quality with exceptional taste and practical absence of fat and sugar. 88% rapidly digestible whey protein isolate.

Concentration of BCAAs and glutamine for extreme recovery and protein synthesis.

PROVON™ as raw material.

New unbeatable selection of flavours without added sugar. Weight 2267gr per tube

Weight 2,3 kg

White Chocolate, Chocolate, Cookies and cream, Strawberry, Vanilla Biscuit, Vanilla Cinnamon, Banan, Creme Brulee, Cappuchino, Pina Colada


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Quamtrax Isopro
Quamtrax Isopro
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