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Quamtrax Isopro

– Whey Protein Isolate
– L-Glutamine
– 4% KyowaTM
– Quality, Flavors (banana flavor)
– Guar gum®
– Sucralose

Contains lactose and soy. May contain traces of gluten, nuts and eggs.

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Quamtrax Isopro

Isopro CFM is an isolated whey protein obtained using the Cross-Flow Microfiltration (CFM™) method to avoid protein denaturation.

We have long been looking for an isolate protein powder that is not only a good quality protein powder, but whose taste could also outshine other isolate proteins.

Thanks to this method, almost all fat and lactose are removed; The result is a absorbable and quickly digestible protein. In addition, it provides a high BCAA content that is commensurate with an isolated whey protein.

Isopro CFM™ is perfect to take after exercise or even as part of your entire daily protein intake. It contains Kyowa™ glutamine, which accelerates muscle recovery afterwards, regardless of the type of training. As it could not be otherwise, Quamtrax Nutrition uses PROVON™ as its raw material, which certifies the highest quality with exceptional taste and practical absence of fat and sugar. 88% rapidly digestible whey protein isolate.

Concentration of BCAAs and glutamine for extreme recovery and protein synthesis.

PROVON™ as raw material.

New unbeatable selection of flavours without added sugar. Weight 908Gr per tub

Quamtrax Isopro


Weight 0,9 kg

Mango & Passion fruit, Chocolate, Cookies and cream, Strawberry Kiwi, Vanilla Biscuit


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Quamtrax Isopro 908g
Quamtrax Isopro 908 gr
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