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Hola. Feel like you’re under a lot of stress and constantly chasing things? Do you wake up hating your alarm clock and wishing you could stay in bed? Then this article might be an eye-opener for you. In various articles, we’ll guide you through the effects of specific supplements or how certain hormones affect your body. Today, we’d like to provide you with information in a completely different way. We want to take you into the morning routine. After reading this article (try not just to read it but also to apply it), you might be able to create a foolproof morning routine for yourself. You might be thinking, ‘So what? How does this benefit me?’ Actually, it benefits you quite a bit. Your morning routine can have many advantages! You might even feel an annoying itch at the word ‘routine.’ Routines sound boring because you have to do the same thing every time. But if you think about it, everyone has a morning routine, including you. You probably do the same things every morning now. The alarm goes off, you get up (reluctantly?), take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast at home, on the go, or not at all, and head to work.


If you use the first part of your day effectively, you’ll benefit from the rest of the day. Starting your day poorly will also affect the rest of your day. What’s a manageable goal is to have productive, good, and successful days. If every day is a success and good, you automatically get a successful and good life. A good morning routine ensures that you have control over your day and your life. Studies have shown that people with a morning routine are happier, more productive, experience less stress, and feel like they have control over their lives.


Many people say they have too little time in a day, but everyone on Earth, from the unemployed to billionaires, has 24 hours in a day. It’s how you use that time and where you prioritize that determines how much you get out of your life. Put aside the big picture and long-term goals for a while and focus on the daily story, as I described above. Having a morning routine takes time. This means you might need to set your alarm a bit earlier. In the next article on evening routines, we will explain how to optimize your sleep and wake up rested and full of energy in the morning. 4 Pillars Without sounding too preachy, there are 4 points that we should or can consider. You don’t need to incorporate all of them every morning, but we’ll go through all of them so you can see what you’d like to start your day with and what will benefit you the most.
First and foremost, the mental aspect, everything related to your thoughts, goals, hopes, dreams, and desires. 1: To create peace and space in your mind, it can be extremely valuable to start the day by writing a few goals for that day. What do you want to achieve? Write down three things, no matter how small they are. ‘Read for half an hour.’ ‘Choose a new course.’ ‘Send 3 job applications.’ By writing down and actually accomplishing these three goals every day, you can get much more out of your days. 2: If possible, talk to yourself in front of a mirror. Tell yourself that today is going to be a good day and what you’ll do to make it happen. When you stand in front of the mirror, immediately give yourself a compliment. You look good, and you can do this. 3: Having a notebook can also help calm your mind. Keep it by your bedside and take it to work, where it’s next to your keyboard. Throughout the day, things keep popping up in your head that you need to deal with later. Instead of worrying about them right away, write them down. 4: In line with this, it’s always very helpful to make a plan for the day itself. Avoid having the day bombarded with a lot of things to do. Schedule time in your agenda for work, exercise, shopping, relaxation, and, while you’re at it, your morning routine. This way, you use your time most efficiently. You’ll be surprised at how much time there is in a day. 5: Focus on what you’re doing. Don’t let your thoughts wander in all directions. When you wash your hands, feel the water on your hands, smell the soap. When you make coffee, smell the coffee’s aroma, listen to the sound. If you can master this step and be more present in the here and now, it will greatly contribute to your sense of happiness. 6: Read a few pages, preferably something informative. If you read for 10 minutes every morning, and you read at a rate of 1 page per minute, you’ll finish a 300-page book in a month.”
The emotional aspect is related to your feelings, emotions, and relationships. Everyone knows that when your emotions aren’t right, there’s a dark cloud over everything you do. To start your day in this area, there are several things you can do. 1: First and foremost, start with gratitude. It might sound cheesy, but research has shown that expressing gratitude has several benefits. Firstly, expressing gratitude to others can improve your relationship with them. You feel better, and so do they. By reflecting on what you’re grateful for, you’ll become more aware of all the things that are valuable and good in your life. Before you start your day, take a moment to mention 2 or 3 things you’re grateful for. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself; you have a roof over your head. A sunny morning. A job. 2: Give someone a hug. Your partner, your child, a close friend, or even a pet. Don’t ask questions, just do it. And do it like you mean it.
Everything we do with our body falls under this category. Think about eating or drinking, but also exercise. 1: Make time for exercise, even if it’s just a 5- or 10-minute walk outside. Morning daylight has a wide range of health benefits that we won’t go into right now, but you’ll thank yourself if you incorporate it every morning. 2: Hydrate. Start your morning with a good dose of fluids. Many people don’t drink enough, and the advantage of drinking in the morning is that you won’t have to get out of bed at night to use the bathroom. 3: Food. Breakfast isn’t mandatory, and it’s a misconception that eating breakfast helps you kick-start your morning. Nevertheless, if you have breakfast, take your time with it. Sit down, turn off the headphones, no TV on, and focus on your meal. Feel and taste your food in your mouth, notice the scent of everything you consume. This is an immediate exercise in being present in the here and now instead of wandering off with all the worries the day may bring. Taking your morning supplements is also part of this. AMpriming from Supplement Needs is the ideal supplement that provides your body with everything it needs for the perfect start to the day. 4: Clean the house. Make your bed, tidy up your clothes, leave your house neat. A tidy house is a tidy mind.
Before you jump ship right now out of fear of a sermon, don’t despair. This part can actually be related to religion or prayer if you are a believer. It can also be a bit of meditation; spend a minute or 5 on this. Meditation may sound very vague to many people, but it actually means nothing more than being present in the here and now and taking control of your thoughts. Just incorporate a moment of rest and let your thoughts flow without getting caught up in everything that worries you. Focus on your breathing. In, calm, out, calm. Furthermore, it’s advisable to leave your phone as it is for the first hour or perhaps even longer. When you pick up your phone and see all your notifications or messages, you end up stressed and busy organizing your day according to someone else’s wishes. You react to others, and the focus is on someone else, not yourself. The most important person in the world is you. Give yourself your attention


This was a long list that you can incorporate into your morning routine. There are many, for sure. It’s not necessary to use them all at once. In fact, we would discourage that. Choose one or a few that you will use every morning from now on. Once this step is in your routine, you can add one more. Later, perhaps one more. That way, you can take a look at the benefits of each step. Written by Moby Amir.

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