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H.P.N Kreatin

H.P.N Kreatin

500g – 100 servings

➤ Improved physical performance

➤ Increased muscle mass through an improved training process

➤ Reducing your regeneration time

➤ Reduction of fatigue during your training

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H.P.N Kreatin

The most researched nutritional supplement in the world! Creatine is a must for any athlete. For bodybuilders and athletes, every ounce of muscle mass and increase in physical performance is an important factor in success.
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Creatine supports you precisely with this. The natural substance, such as found in meat, gives your muscles more energy and supports your training.

You will be able to train longer and more intensively, reduce your regeneration time and make faster progress.

Creatine also ensures that more water is stored in the muscles so that they can perform better. In addition, it also leads to a visually fuller appearance!

Creatine is the basic supplement that no athlete should do without. A daily intake of 5 g is recommended.

The time of ingestion is irrelevant. Here you can start directly with 5 g daily and then take it continuously.

There is no habituation effect with creatine, so you can take it all year round, regardless of whether it is off-season or during prep.

HPN creatine consists of 500 grams of creatine and gives you 100 servings of 5 grams.

Frequently asked questions

Why don’t you use CreaPure?

This is the same ingredient that has only been changed in terms of solubility.

Does creatine attract water?

Creatine stores water in your muscle cells and not in your skin, resulting in a fuller appearance rather than a watery appearance.

Does creatine have side effects?

Creatine is one of the best researched supplements and has almost no side effects. Side effects that can occur are abdominal pain after an overdose. An overdose is not possible at 5g per day.

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H.P.N Kreatin

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