560g 18,6 portioner

➤ Præstationsfremmende formel med 3.000 mg! PeakO2®, 500 mg CherryPure® og 3.000 mg D-Ribose pr.

➤ Optimal aminosyretilførsel med 10.000 mg EAAS pr

➤ HICA til initiering af anti-kataboliske processer – muskelbeskyttelse under træning

➤ Kokosvandspulver for optimal elektrolyttilførsel

➤ 1.000 mg taurin med indflydelse til forbedret muskelkontraktion

➤AstraGin® for forbedret optagelse af næringsstoffer

➤ Uden koffein og stimulanser, så du kan drikke det selv i en sen træning.

➤Ingen kulhydrater som Cluster dextrin, bestem selv hvor mange kulhydrater du har brug for til træning

➤ 500mg KSM66®

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309,00 kr.


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Our intra has a very clear goal: you enter the training and your performance is next level and without any kind of stimulants or boosters, which you will notice not only on your mood, but also on the performance in terms of repetitions and weight. During development, we have also asked ourselves what we need to produce the best intra-workout shake on the market. First of all, of course, an optimal supply of amino acids, so we added a whopping 10,000 mg of EAA per kilogram. In order not to have a sudden drop in performance, you need an optimal electrolyte supply, which we guarantee with coconut water powder.


But the most important thing, of course, is your performance. Training should be at a high level for as long as possible and you should improve with each workout, progress is key. Here we rely on the four performance enhancers PeakO2, CherryPure®, D-Ribose and Intranet have a whopping 3000mg of PEAK O2® per serving that you won’t find in any other intraproduct. we chose patented Ksm-66® as it gives a slight advantage in training over Sensoril®, which is included in our R.E.M. Why didn’t we put carbohydrates in our product? Not everyone benefits from carbohydrates in training, some are on a diet and others prefer to save carbohydrates for meals. We recommend that you try our intra without extra carbohydrates. Due to the many high quality ingredients, it was difficult to get the taste right, but after a bit of trial and error, we seem to have hit your nerve
intra shake

Understand your ingredients in HPN intra

-Peak O2

In our intra we have managed to include 3,000 mg of peak O2, you will have a hard time finding a comparable product with this concentration. Similar products here have a maximum of 2,000 mg per serving. The patented raw material Peak O2® is a mixture of different Ayurvedic mushroom strains, which are said to increase oxygen uptake during exercise and thus increase training capacity. A 2013 study found that a test group had increased endurance by 30 seconds under maximum workload after just 7 days. After three weeks, the time to maximum exertion was 70 seconds, compared to only 5 seconds in the placebo group. Important: PeakO2® needs to be taken regularly over a longer period of time to be fully effective, which is one of the reasons why it is also included in our Basic from HRlabs. PeakO2® is definitely an active ingredient that we give you some benefits for your workout


Why KSM66 in my intra and sleep products? Does that make sense? Yes, at least! And it’s not even about the cortisol-lowering effect, but the effect on muscle growth and muscle strength. A 2015 study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition tested the muscle and strength gain of KSM66 supplements in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study The strength increases were measured in relation to 1RM in bench press and leg extensions. Bench press strength increase (placebo: 26.4 kg, 95% CI, 19.5, 33.3 vs. KSM66: 46.0 kg, 95% CI 36.6, 55.5; p = 0.001) and leg extension (placebo: 9.8 kg CI, 95.8 kg. .12.3 vs. KSM66: 14.5 kg, 95% CI,; p=0.04) Muscle gain was in the arm: (placebo: 5.3 cm2, 95% CI, 3,3,7,2 vs. KSM66: 8.6 cm2, 95% CI, 6,9,10.8; p=0.01) and chest (placebo: 1.4 cm, 95% CI, 0.8, 2.0 vs. KSM66 : 3,3 cm, 95 % CI, 2,6, 4,1; p<0.001) after a period of 8 weeks. ¹


The next patent in our intra is Montmorency sour cherry extract in a 50:1 concentration. A meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism showed
that consuming tart cherries can lead to improved muscle recovery and a reduction in muscle soreness.


D-Ribose Ribose
is found in all living cells and is synthesized from glucose. However, this process is not very fast, so supplementation during exercise makes perfect sense. In the muscle cell, ribose is converted into ATP, which is the body’s energy currency. Ribose helps restore energy storage and thus has a positive effect on your training performance.



HICA is an L-leucic acid (DL-alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid). It is formed when the essential amino acid L-leucine is burned. When HICA is supplied exogenously, the muscle cell assumes that more muscle is currently being burned and initiates anti-catabolic processes to stop this. You benefit from this, for example, with prolonged muscle strain or on a diet. A 2010 study examined the impact of HICA in 15 soccer players. Compared to the placebo group, the body weight of the HICA group increased, while the body fat percentage remained the same.


You will definitely know taurine from energy drinks. Taurine itself has no stimulating effect, but is said to potentiate the effects of caffeine. Taurine is found in high concentrations in the heart muscle and is also part of the brain, retina, bile acid, muscles and white blood cells. Taurine is involved in various processes in the body, of interest to us is shortening recovery time, improving muscle contraction and muscle function, and optimizing fluid balance.


Astragin® acts as an absorption enhancer in many of our products. This means that the other nutrients in our intra can be better absorbed by the body through it. For example, when EAAS is recorded, bioavailability increases. It all works through our digestion, especially in the intestine. This is where Astragin® comes in, which itself consists of natural ingredients, like Panax Notoginseng.



Each serving contains 10,000 mg of the 8 essential amino acids in a balanced ratio. We deliberately decided against the current hype about the addition of histidine, as it is disputed whether it is actually an essential amino acid. In addition, many people suffer from histidine intolerance and may experience digestive problems. Our intra should suit everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I train harder with intra?

That was exactly the goal of the product, and we are proud to say that this goal has been achieved. The intra makes it possible to perform better.


  • Intraworkout-produkter giver mig altid kvalme, sker det også her?

Følsomme maver og ædru træning kan give ubehag i starten. Dette skyldes PeakO2®. Men efter at have taget det flere gange, aftager dette meget hurtigt. Men i en ikke-ædru tilstand har meget få klienter problemer med intra.

  • Skal jeg tilføje flere kulhydrater til intra?

Nej, kokosvandet, D-Ribose og oligofructose er mere end nok for de fleste atleter. Der blev ikke med vilje tilsat Clusterdextrin til produktet, således at intra kan fortsætte med at blive brugt i præparater. Hvis der er ekstrem stress under træning, kan det give mening for meget avancerede atleter at tilføje op til 30 g cluster dextrin. De fleste atleter har ikke brug for ekstra kulhydrater!


  • Skal PeakO2® tages kontinuerligt?

I bedste tilfælde tages PeakO2®, men det virker med det samme første gang du tager det.

  • Hvad er Astra Gin®?

Astragin er en blanding af Astragalus og Panax Ginseng, som kan hjælpe med optagelsen af ​​næringsstoffer og ingredienser (såsom PeakO2®).




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