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TBJP – Sustain Intra – MPS Max – Package Deal

TBJP – Sustain Intra – MPS Max – Package Deal

730,00 kr.

TBJP – Sustain Intra – MPS Max – Package Deal

If you were to make the world’s most complete intra workout mixture, it would be the combination of these 2 products.

Save 8% on Sustain Intra and the MPS Max package

JP Sustain Intra

Advanced carbohydrate supplement during training (50 portions) 1500 gr

Per 30 g portion:

  • 25 g Cluster Dextrin™ (patenteret cyklisk dextrin)
  • 1000mg Sustamine™ (patenteret L-Alanyl-L-Glutamin)
  • 1000mg Kyowa Quality® L-Citrulline
  • 500mg Creapure® (patenteret kreatinmonohydrat)
  • 500mg betain vandfri (trimethylglycin)
  • 100mg alfa-liponsyre

Electrolyte Mixture:

  • 600mg kalium
  • 500mg natrium
  • 113mg magnesium



MPS Max returns! The best intra/peri workout amino acid formula on the market is not only back in the tbJP line, BUT it’s new and improved!

This time we have combined PeptoPro and Hydrolysed Whey to provide whole proteins. This is important to optimize MPS (muscle protein synthesis) To significantly increase their effectiveness, Velosotil has been added to the mix, which works to further boost the complete protein’s ability to raise MPS.

We have used free form essential amino acids in the formula to accompany the whole proteins. This significantly increases BCAA content, specifically leucine, which is a rate-limiting amino for MPS. Having this present in the doses we use makes MPS Max unmatched in its effectiveness.

We’ve used the extremely potent Peak 02 to help with overall performance and recovery, as well as pharmacy grade electrolytes in the form of Aquamin. If you take training seriously, we believe MPS Mas will play an integral role in accelerating your progress.


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TBJP – Sustain Intra – MPS Max – Package Deal
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