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TBJP – Cream of Rice – Performance Isolate – Package Deal (2x)

694,00 kr.

COR og Isolate pakke

TBJP Cream of Rice

2 kg COR is available in 14 delicious flavors to keep your taste buds happy!

Fast-acting carbohydrate

  • Incredible taste
  • Easy to mix
  • Digests perfectly
  • 2 kg can be used either as 40 x 50 g portions or 80 x 25 g portions


TBJP Performance Isolate

Performance Isolate is our tri protein Blend that brings Hydro Isolate & Isolate and concentrate proteins.

Our breakdown of proteins is from 40 percent hydroisolate, 40 percent isolate and 20 percent concentrate.

We have combined all 3 forms of protein to provide the most efficient absorption, but also keep the lactose level incredibly low and avoid stomach problems.

It has the same incredible taste as our Performance Protein BUT offers an 80% protein content and lower carb and fat macros.

Who is it for? For those who are able to spend a little extra on an Isolate, which ensures optimal digestion.

Most consumers are perfectly fine with our Performance Protein, but those competing or striving to seek that extra few percent to boost their performance and results will want to optimize things even further. This is where Performance Isolate is the ideal choice.

Our Performance Isolate uses cross flow microfiltration, is anabolic and hormone free and comes from grass fed cows. These aspects are all extremely important to us, to ensure that you as a consumer get the very best quality protein on the market at an affordable price.


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TBJP – Cream of Rice – Performance Isolate – Package Deal (2x)
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