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Supplement PWO Stack – Package Deal

Supplement PWO Stack – Package Deal

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Supplement PWO Stack – Package Deal

We bring you our very own focus-based Nootropic pre-workout formula developed by Dr. Dean St. Mart as part of his pre-workout series.

Pre Focus+

Here are some words from the man himself: So, I wanted to create a product that could effectively stack with Pump+ to provide an energy burst and laser focus to help you zone in for training sessions. However, I also wanted something that could be used outside of training, perhaps with the AM Priming Stack, to also serve as a cognitive aid. – The panel of 12 ingredients combines a relatively low dose of caffeine with several nootropic and neurotransmitter-supporting ingredients. Many individuals don’t tolerate caffeine anhydrous or dimaleate very well, so it was important to choose 2 natural sources in the form of PurCafé and Active TR caffeine. The release of caffeine from these two sources is smooth and steady without breakdown. – The rest of the blend hits you with a high amount of choline donors, dopamine precursors, Ginkgo extract, Lion’s Mane, and Huperzine A as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Supplement Needs Pre Pump+ It is a pump-focused pre-workout of incredible quality, brought to you by Dr. Dean St. Mart from Supplement Needs. Once again, we’re talking about a high-quality product with clinically documented accurate doses, so you get a product that actually delivers on its promises. Pre Pump+ can be used as a pre-workout to assist with increased blood flow and give you an incredible pump during your training session. ????

And of course, so that you don’t have to settle, the level must be raised with our supreme shaker




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Supplement PWO Stack – Package Deal
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