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Peak Aminos

Peak Aminos

299,00 kr.

Peak Aminos


tbJP Peak Aminos Intra Workout Formula – Optimize your training performance!!

Product details:

  • Size: 30 portions, 570 g
  • Peak Aminos: Trained by JP’s latest and most advanced EAA intra-workout formula.
  • Important features: High quality amino acid blend, comprehensive hydration and mineral formula and patented PeakO2™ complex from tbJP Peak Hydration.
  • Purpose: Maximize training performance and support muscular recovery.

Unlock your peak potential with tbJP Peak Aminos, the ultimate intra-workout companion for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art formula is designed to take your workouts to the next level and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Fuel for muscle protein synthesis (MPS):

  • Peak Aminos is a powerful driver of muscle protein synthesis (MPS), ensuring that your muscles receive the essential amino acids they need during your workouts.
  • It prevents your body from going into a catabolic state between meals, ensuring that you stay on the right track with your fitness journey.

Build and maintain lean muscle tissue:

  • Ideal for those pushing themselves into a building phase, offering an essential amino acid supply.
  • Perfect for people who want to maintain lean muscle mass during a “cut” or calorie-reduced diet.

Unique flavor profile:

  • Experience a salty twist with our signature Pink Himalayan salt.
  • Please note that Peak Aminos has a thicker and more viscous consistency compared to competing products with lower dosages, thanks to the generous amount of hydrating coconut water powder.

How to use it:

  • Mix each spoonful (portion) with 400-500 ml of water.
  • Take it during or around training on training days.
  • Adjust the amount of water to suit your taste (less water for a sweeter experience!).

Ingredients and nutritional information (per serving – 1 spoon, 19 g):

  • Unleash your training potential with our carefully crafted formula.

Elevate your training experience with tbJP Peak Aminos. Unleash your peak performance and reach your fitness goals like never before. Order now and embrace the power of Peak Aminos!


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Peak Aminos
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