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Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Sickpump

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Sickpump  was formulated to give you the ‘ SICKEST PUMP ‘. Our goal was to offer a fully loaded and transparent formula containing key patented ingredients.

299,00 kr.

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Sickpump

“Optimize your training with the Winter Soldier SickPump® – Unleash the power of “Sick Pumps”!

Winter Soldier SickPump® is the ultimate formula designed to take your training results to the next level by maximizing the production of nitric oxide through various mechanisms. Powered by NO3-T®, AmentoPump® and AstraGin®, it’s not just a pump formula; it is a complete game changer.

Here’s why the Winter Soldier SickPump® stands out:

  • Nitric Oxide Overdrive: Our innovative blend of NO3-T® and AstraGin® increases nitric oxide production, giving you amazing pumps that push your limits.
  • Improved Focus: We have added Pinebark for increased focus. It’s not just about looking pumped up; it’s about a mind-muscle connection that drives your performance.
  • Multifunctional Powerhouse: AmentoPump® is not just about pumps; it is a versatile ingredient with added benefits for fat loss and improved insulin sensitivity. It’s the secret weapon in any pre-workout or fat burner.

Recommended Use: SickPump® is a stimulant-free pump formula. Mix a portion (13g or 1 spoonful) with 200-300 ml of cold water and consume 15-20 minutes before your workout. For an explosive combination, you can combine SickPump® with our stimulant pre-workout Menace®.

Experience the difference with the Winter Soldier SickPump® and redefine your training results. Optimize your pump, focus and performance today! #SickPump #OptimizerDinTræning #NitrogenoxidKraft”


Strawberry melon, Cherry limeade, Militant starfruit


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Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Sickpump
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