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Napalm LEAA 9 is a remarkable nutritional supplement that enriches your daily diet with essential EAA amino acids derived from high quality fermented plant materials. This makes the product a source of amino acids of the highest possible purity, and it guarantees true professional nutritional supplementation and access to truly refined support. EAA supplementation is recommended for physically active individuals – both recreationally and professionally – who aim to improve their current efforts at fitness and fitness. The product is available as an easily soluble powder in three fantastic flavors, so you can prepare a refreshing drink with a high content of amino acids.

Advantages of Napalm EAA 9:

  • Complex of EAA Amino Acids with Increased Content of L-Leucine: EAA amino acids from Napalm LEAA 9 support muscle protein synthesis and help build muscle mass.
  • Control of Muscle Tissue Breakdown: EAA amino acids help control the breakdown of muscle tissue, preventing unwanted consequences of intense training.
  • Three Unique Delicious Flavors: Italian Blood Orange, Tart Watermelon and Sicilian Lime offer variety and enjoyment.

Why Are EAA Amino Acids So Important?

Amino acids are combined into proteins in the body, found in muscles, skin, bones, hair and internal organs. Some amino acids, called exogenous EAA, are not produced naturally in the body and must therefore be maintained through daily diet. However, the bioavailability of amino acids from food is very limited, making supplements the best choice.

Why Raw Materials and Production Process Are Important?

The choice of raw materials and the production process play an important role in the quality of the final product. Most supplements use amino acids extracted from animal sources, which may have low effectiveness. Others choose synthetic raw materials, which guarantees stability, but may not be suitable for everyone. Dietary supplements made from plant-based raw materials prove to be the best choice. Fermented sugarcane, cassava and corn guarantee amino acids of the highest efficiency and purity and meet pharmaceutical standards, eliminating the risk of contamination with dangerous heavy metals.

Protection of Muscle Tissue and EAA Amino Acids – Is It Possible?

The dietary supplement LEAA 9 is an amino acid complex with an increased content of L-leucine, which activates the mTOR kinase and promotes the production of new muscle proteins. Other EAA amino acids intensify this process and contribute to the development of muscle mass. EAA 9 also helps protect muscle tissue from breakdown caused by intense exercise by controlling creatine kinase (CPK) levels. This results in more efficient recovery and muscle recovery after a grueling workout.

Napalm LEAA 9 vs. Regular EAA Supplements – Differences:

Napalm LEAA 9 contains exogenous amino acids of the highest purity and availability from fermented plant sources. This formula guarantees a significantly better source of valuable EAAs and a higher content of L-leucine, resulting in more efficient protein growth, protection of muscle tissue and support for post-workout recovery.

Serving size: ~2 Scoops (8 g)  Servings per container:  30
Amount in 8 g
L-leucine 2400 mg
L-isoleucine 600 mg
L-valine 600 mg
L-Lysine HCl 1000 mg
   of which L-lysine 545 mg
L-threonine 530 mg
L-phenylalanine 390 mg
L-methionine 345 mg
L-histidine 85 mg
L-tryptophan 50 mg

Sicillian Lime 240gr, Watermelon 240 gr


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