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Do you have a penchant for ammonia and are a dedicated fan of smelling salts? Then we have something special for you! “Kick In the Dick” from Affinity is exactly the kick you need, but with the ability to breathe freely, both during your reps and after use.

What is Smelling Salt? Smelling salt, like “Kick In the Dick,” is a powerful aromatic compound used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve their physical performance and mental focus. It is known for its intense and invigorating scent that can provide instant clarity and energy.

What Does “Kick In The Dick” Do? “Kick In the Dick” is your ultimate training partner, bringing you into the right training zone with a unique energetic boost. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Powerful Kickstart:The smelling salt “Kick In the Dick” delivers a powerful scent that instantly awakens your senses and gives you an explosive energy kick for your training exercises.
  2. Clarity and Focus: Further enriched with menthol, this smelling salt keeps your airways open while you remain deeply focused on your training work. Nothing distracts you from your goals!
  3. Improved Repetition Ability: Use “Kick In the Dick” to increase your rep performance and push your limits with confidence. Each rep becomes more potent than the last.

How Is It Used? It’s simple to use “Kick In the Dick.” Open the bottle, hold it away from your face and gently inhale the uplifting scent. You will immediately feel the explosive boost in your energy and clarity. Use it before, during or after your workout for maximum benefit.

For those looking to train with intensity and precision, the “Kick In the Dick” from Affinity is the ideal choice. Experience a new level of training strength and mental focus. Ready, prepared, and ready to deliver your best results!


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