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HRlabs Intra Stack – Package Deal

HRlabs Intra Stack – Package Deal

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HRlabs Intra Stack – Package Deal

Level Up is an ultra-versatile, elite performance fuel specially formulated for intense training and prolonged exertion. Naturally unflavored, so you can add it to anything to enhance your current stack – your favorite carb or intra EAA

Why would you use it?? ⁣

⁣Long story short:

Carb-based intra primarily helps with glycogen replenishment

EAA powders primarily focus on increasing muscle protein synthesis. The


Carb up

Cluster Dextrin™ is the ideal exercise fuel, a carbohydrate that provides sustained energy without spiking blood sugar and causing a large insulin response that you might expect with cheaper alternatives.

It is quickly absorbed so it does not cause digestive discomfort.

The addition of both patented products like Glycersize™ and Taurine helps with cellular hydration and regulates glucose uptake – helping you to Carb UP.

NOCODE, is NOT your average Amino drink. We use Amino9, a leucine-enhanced, clinically proven blend of the 9 essential amino acids in addition to 750 mg of phosphoric acid and 1500 mg of hydroxy-isocaproic acid (HICA) to provide the ultimate MPS ignition switch.

Stack with level up, Carb up & Nocode to join the intra-training elite.


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HRlabs Intra Stack – Package Deal
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