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➤ Worldwide unique formula – with 7 ingredients

➤ Each very effective in its own right, now optimally coordinated, the maximum effect

➤ Significantly cheaper compared to other individual products

➤ Perfect all-rounder to support blood lipids, cardiovascular health, blood sugar and healthy skin

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WHAT IS CHOLESTEROL? Cholesterol is an important raw material in the human body. It is necessary for the formation of certain hormones and is an essential component of the cell membrane. Like lipids, it is insoluble in water and is packed in small packets in the liver along with proteins and fats and other components. These packages are called lipoproteins. Depending on the density, two groups are distinguished: LDL (low density) cholesterol: This type of package transports cholesterol from the liver to the tissues. A high LDL level increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is why it is colloquially called bad cholesterol. HDL (high density) cholesterol – This type of package transports cholesterol back from the tissues to the liver. A high score is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. That is why it is also referred to as the good cholesterol.
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WHAT HAPPENS IF CHOLESTEROL LEVELS ARE BAD IN THE BODY? Bad cholesterol levels can promote atherosclerosis, a hardening and narrowing of the arteries. This is due to small foci of inflammation in the wall of blood vessels. In people with elevated LDL levels, these absorb
inflammatory cells more cholesterol particles, and these are deposited in the vessel wall. The result is circulatory disorders. The inflammation can also weaken the vessel wall and tear it. If the blood then comes into contact with a cholesterol-rich deposit, a blood clot may form. This can clog the blood vessels and, in the worst case, lead to a heart attack or stroke. Our goal with Cholest Aid is to target both risk factors and improve the associated scores. For this, we have optimally coordinated 7 ingredients, which have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, blood sugar and healthy skin.


  • Bergamot extract:Studies show that a daily intake of 1,000 mg of bergamot extract can reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 31%¹ In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant.


  • Black garlic extract:Black garlic is fermented garlic. It works more powerfully than white garlic, giving it a higher antioxidant content. The main active ingredient in black garlic is S-allylcysteine, a very powerful antioxidant with a high free-radical scavenging capacity.


  • Green tea extract : In Chinese medicine, green tea is mainly used to detoxify the body and to treat acne, stomach and intestinal disorders. Green tea contains the secondary plant substance catechins, which have a very high antioxidant effect. The green tea extract contains all the active ingredients in the brewed tea, but in concentrated form.
  • Olive leaf extract : Olive leaf extract has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and also has an antibacterial effect.⁵ Other studies also show an antiviral⁶ and antifungal (antifungal) effect.


  • Grape seed extract “OPC” : The strongest active ingredient from the grape seed extract, “OPC”, is a very strong antioxidant with an effect up to 50 times stronger than vitamin C. Cardiovascular diseases are often caused by deposits and/or damage to the blood vessel walls from free radicals. Free radicals attack the fibrous proteins in blood vessels, causing them to lose their elasticity and stability. OPC and other antioxidants in grape seed extract help here and protect the fiber proteins. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems.


  • -Artichoke extract : The next LDL cholesterol lowering agent in our product is the artichoke extract. Italian studies have shown an 18% reduction in LDL cholesterol with a small increase in HDL cholesterol. ¹¹ It works in two ways: it stimulates cholesterol secretion and inhibits the formation of new cholesterol in the liver. In this way, LDL can be discharged better. This reduces dangerous deposits in the blood vessels and thus has a preventive effect on atherosclerosis.


  • Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin that cannot be stored in the body and must therefore be replenished every day. It is a precursor to coenzyme A, which is an important molecule in cell metabolism and is involved in several enzymatic reactions in the cell. In some studies, vitamin B5 was able to improve all cholesterol parameters by lowering LDL and other lipoproteins.

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Recommended dosage:
Take 6 capsules a day with a meal and sufficient liquid. Alternatively, you can take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening a meal and plenty of fluids.

Water-soluble vitamins: per capsule and per 6 capsules
Vitamin B5 – pantothenic acid per capsule 83.34mg 500.00mg other ingredients
Bergamot extract per capsule 166.67 mg per 6 capsules 1000.00 mg
black garlic extract per capsule 116.67 mg per 6 capsules 700.00 mg
Green tea extract 83.34 mg per 6 capsules 500.00 mg
– of which polyphenols per capsule 79.17 mg per 6 capsules 475.00 mg
– of which epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) per capsule 37.50 mg per 6 capsules 225.00 mg
Olive leaf extract per capsule 83.34 mg per 6 capsules 500.00 mg
– of which oleuropeins per capsule 16.67 mg per 6 capsules 100.00 mg 4
Grape seed extract per capsule 50.00 mg per 6 capsules 300.00 mg
– of which oligomers Proanthocyanidins (OPC) per capsule 35.00 mg per 6 capsules 210.00 mg
Artichoke leaf extract per capsule 83.34 mg per 6 capsules 500.00 mg
– of which Cynarine per capsule 4.17 mg per 6 capsules 25.00 mg


Bergamot Extract, Black Garlic Extract, Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), Calcium D-Pantothenate,
green tea extract, olive leaf extract, artichoke leaf extract, grape seed extract



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