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H.P.N LIVER COMPLEX 120 capsules 30 servings ➤ Optimization of important metabolic processes in the body ➤ 750 mg oksegalde pr. portion! ➤ Estrogen Reduction through improved estrogen metabolism ➤ Improved cholesterol levels ➤ Improved fat digestion, especially with high fat cheat meals ➤ Improved liver values

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For athletes and bodybuilders, the liver is one of the most important organs when it comes to achieving athletic goals. It plays a central role in all metabolic processes in the body.

It converts absorbed nutrients into substances that the body can use and stores them in the cells when needed. In addition, it takes in waste materials and toxins, for example from medicines, and converts them into non-toxic substances and ensures that they are excreted. The liver breaks down fats, absorbs them and metabolizes them. Thanks to its synergistic nutrient complex, the liver complex can improve fat digestion, stimulate bile, increase estrogen metabolism and improve liver function.

Your liver values can be significantly improved: through the elimination of toxins, increased bile production, increased cytochrome production and the contained antioxidants. This also makes it possible to metabolize estrogen much faster and produce less. It can also help with bile problems, improves cholesterol (HDL, LDL and triglycerides) and can help digest fats (eg high-fat cheat meals).

  • Ox bile

Ox bile has a similar effect to Tudca, which is unfortunately not available in Germany, but has the same effect in this dose. You get 750 mg per serving. It is said to lead to improved bile flow, which helps flush toxins from the liver. This relieves more stress and thus regenerates faster. Gallstones should also be able to be destroyed by this. Cholesterol is also excreted in the faeces. Without enough bile, fats are not digested properly, leading to bile problems.

  • Schisandra extract

  • Kataka extract

Katuka or Kutki comes from Ayurveda and has been used for liver problems for a long time. In addition to improving liver activity, kutki stimulates your own bile. As a result, it can sustainably improve liver function. To form bile, this cholesterol is consumed.

  • Marietidselekstrakt

Milk thistle or silymarin is known for its protective properties on the liver. Thus, it improves both liver enzymes and liver function.

  • Ingefærekstrakt

Ginger offers a number of positive properties that can help a lot against liver problems. Ginger reduces liver stress, cholesterol, insulin resistance and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

  • 3.3 DIM

Also raises cytochromes and thus improves liver function Significantly helps with estrogen metabolism. Studies show that DIM can decrease the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

  • Sophora japonica ekstrakt

It also increases cytochrome levels and improves liver function.

Frequently asked questions

– Does it help with an existing fatty liver?

Yes can help a lot.

– How much can estrogen be lowered?

It’s not full AI, but it’s relatively strong.

– If I take Orals, do I have to take more than 4 capsules?

No, that should be enough.

Please take 4 capsules with a meal and sufficient liquid.

per Capsule per Portion
Ox bile 187,5 mg 750 mg
of which cholic acid


75 mg 300 mg
Scissandra extract 125 mg 500 mg
Of which schisandrin 12,5 mg 50 mg
Kataka Extract 125 mg 500 mg
Milk thistle extract 75 mg 300 mg
Including silymarin 60 mg 240 mg
Ginger extract 50 mg 200 mg
Including ginger oil 2,5 mg 10 mg
3.3`Diindolylmethan 33 mg 132 mg
Sophora Japonice Extrakt 25 mg 100 mg
Hence Routine 23,75 mg 95 mg


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