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➤ Increased conversion of white to brown fat – resulting in increased metabolic activity
➤ Increase in metabolism – Higher calorie turnover
➤ Improve insulin sensitivity – Lower blood sugar levels
➤ Higher carnitine levels in the body – Improved fat metabolism
➤ Thermogenetic effect – More sweating

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Ignite is the new stimulant-free fat burner from H.P.N.

This is a different way to support your fat burning and complements and enhances the effect of the heat if you take both.

Because Ignite uses ProGBB or Super Carnitine to ensure your body produces more carnitine on its own.42 DSC2368 1800x1800

Carnitine serves as a means of transporting fatty acids to supply the mitochondria for energy supply. This is not possible without carnitine.

Since this conversion produces heat, you will sweat a lot, especially because of the high dosage.

Due to the unique composition of Ignite, the efficiency of fat burning can be significantly improved and without stimulants.

Thus, Ignite can be taken around the clock. ATTENTION: Ignite can lead to profuse sweating after consumption!

Both Ignite and Heat contain fucoxanthin. If you take both in full doses, you have 60 mg of fucoxanthin daily!

You won’t even find the single 10mg dose in the best GDAs, so the two fat burners are superior to many GDAs available on the market for this reason alone.

Fucoxanthin primarily ensures improved insulin sensitivity. With improved insulin sensitivity, your body needs less insulin to lower blood sugar.

But since insulin inhibits fat burning, you benefit from lower insulin levels in the body with a higher sensitivity.

The optimal state would be that you produce more insulin, but the level quickly drops again. Therefore, the perfect combination is the additional intake of GDA+.

Understand your ingredients

-Pro GBB Gamma Butyrobetaine

ProGbb or Super Carnitine contains gamma-butyrobetaine. GBB is an intermediate product that the body converts into L-carnitine using the enzyme gamma-butyrobetaine dioxygenase (BBD). GBB is therefore the basic material for the body to produce L-carnitine. In this way, we avoid the problem that too much orally supplied L-carnitine is secreted again by increasing the body’s own production. Through this effect, ProGbb ensures more thermogenesis. This makes you sweat a lot more. The few available fat burners with ProGBB that you will find contain 15-50 mg of ProGBB per serving. Ignite packs a full 150 mg per portion, so you’ll sweat like you would with other over-the-counter fat burners. Carnitine is an amino acid compound that is involved in fat metabolism in the body. It is consumed through the diet through proteins, especially meat. Carnitine supplies the mitochondria in the cells with fatty acids, which they can convert to generate energy. Since fat loss only works in a caloric deficit, we increase the calories consumed with ProGBB.


-Grain of paradise extract

Like Heat, Ignite also contains grains of paradise extract. Grains of Paradise and their extract can have a significant effect on the metabolism. Several studies have shown that a dose of 30 mg or more can significantly improve metabolism. The amount of 6-Paradol plays a big role here. It has also been shown that adipose tissue has been converted more quickly into “brown fat” and can therefore be used by the body more quickly as a source of energy. In people with a lot of brown adipose tissue, the highest increase in metabolism and fat oxidation could be achieved. By combining the heat with the ignition, you get 650 mg grains of paradise extract daily.


-Olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is also antibacterial.⁵ Other studies also show an antiviral⁶ and antifungal (antifungal) effect.⁷ It is said to stimulate the metabolism even more than green tea extract and can thus further increase your basal metabolism.

-Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper is known for its pungency due to capsaicin, which is exactly what our extract is standardized for. Cayenne pepper can help with fat burning, conversion to brown fat, as well as many health aspects. Cayenne pepper is very good for the microbiome, digestion and the immune system. In combination with the other ingredients, the cayenne pepper is optimal.


-Brown algae extract

Like Heat, Ignite contains 10 mg of fucoxanthin per capsule, making it one of the highest doses on the market, whether fat burner or GDA. In combination with the heat, you get a daily dose of 60mg fucoxanthin! Fucoxanthin has a number of benefits ranging from fat burning, liver health, cholesterol to brown fat conversion, as well as insulin sensitivity, heart health and more. In Ignite, it is therefore an essential ingredient to complete the synergy. Fucoxanthin is best in Ignite by lowering blood sugar, improving fat oxidation and thereby speeding up the conversion of brown fat.


-Black pepper extract

Black pepper extract is included in Ignite due to the improved bioavailability of all ingredients. By adding piperine, it is possible to significantly improve the absorption of all ingredients. This makes the effect much stronger

Recommended dosage

Take 1-3 capsules per day with sufficient liquid

Ingredients per capsule

Green tea extract 200 mg of which polyphenols 190 mg of which EGCG 90 mg

Olive leaf extract 200 mg of which oleuropein 40 mg

Grains of Paradise Extract 100 mg of which Paradol 12.5 mg

Cayenne pepper extract 100 mg

ProGBB™ 50mg

Brown algae extract 20 mg

Black pepper extract 2.11 mg of which piperine 2 mg


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