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As a fat burner / GDA hybrid, Heat supports your diet in several ways:

➤ Increase in metabolism – Higher calorie turnover

➤ Conversion of white to brown adipose tissue – More metabolic activity

➤ Improve insulin sensitivity – Lower blood sugar levels

➤ More efficient fat breakdown – Faster conversion of body fat into free fatty acids

➤ Response to Beta2 receptors – Increased fat release

➤ Chris Kall signature product

➤ Ensures more lean muscle mass during construction

Warning! Please follow the recommended dosage.

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Chris Kall has created his first signature product for you, the Heat Fatburner / GDA.

The Heat is the new benchmark in over the counter fat burners and pushes the boundaries of what is legal.

It is maximally dosed, with active ingredients that focus directly on the result of maximum fat burning. The whole process of “fat loss” is enhanced,

which gives you significantly better and faster results in a deficit. In addition to a normal diet, Heat especially supports competitive athletes in order to attack the last problem areas.

The contained cocoa extract is 50% standardized for alkaloids and is not contained in such a dosage in any other fat burner worldwide – which is primarily due to the high price of the extract.

The alkaloids in the cocoa extract control the same beta2 receptors as other controversial burners and ensure increased fat release and combustion.

In addition, it promotes insulin sensitivity and acts synergistically with fucoxanthin in this area. Grains of Paradise and the fucoxanthin they contain improve the conversion of white to brown fat – which is metabolically active and burns energy with the release of heat.

For your insulin sensitivity, a whopping 10mg of fucoxanthin is included, you won’t find such a dose even in the best GDAs, so Heat is superior to many GDAs available on the market for this reason alone.

With improved insulin sensitivity, your body needs less insulin to lower blood sugar. But since insulin inhibits fat burning, you benefit from lower insulin levels in the body with a higher sensitivity.

The Heat also contains bitter orange extract (synephrine), which works synergistically with caffeine and cocoa extract and also reduces hunger. To promote the breakdown of fats in the body, we have added the enzyme lipase.

In addition, caffeine is included to promote fat oxidation and increase metabolism and cayenne pepper standardized to 1% capsaicin to promote the conversion of white to brown adipose tissue and fat burning.

– Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise and their extract can have a significant effect on the metabolism. Several studies have shown that a dose of 30 mg or more can significantly improve metabolism. The amount of 6-Paradol plays a big role here. It has also been shown that adipose tissue has been converted more quickly into “brown fat” and can therefore be used by the body more quickly as a source of energy. In people with a lot of brown adipose tissue, the highest increase in metabolism and fat oxidation could be achieved. To enhance the effects of Grains of Paradise, HEAT is designed to greatly enhance the conversion to brown fat. Therefore, other substances such as brown algae extract (fucoxanthin) are also included, which is very useful.

– Kakao Extract (50 % Alkaloide)

The cocoa extract in HEAT is a game changer due to its extremely high standardization of 50% alkaloids. Alkaloids such as N-Coumaroyldopamine, N-Caffeoyldopamine, EGCG, Phenethylamine and Theobromine may target the same beta2 receptors as other fat burners, which is somewhat controversial. In combination with caffeine, there is an optimal stack. In addition to burning fat, the cocoa extract also helps with insulin sensitivity, blood lipid levels and general health such as liver health through polyphenols.

Cayenne Pepper Extract(1% capsaicin)

Cayenne pepper is known for its pungency due to capsaicin, which is exactly what our extract is standardized for.

Cayenne pepper can help with fat burning, conversion to brown fat, as well as many health aspects. Cayenne pepper is very good for the microbiome, digestion and the immune system. In combination with the other ingredients, the cayenne pepper is optimal.

– Koffein

Everyone knows caffeine as the stimulant, but caffeine is probably the oldest fat burner known in the world. Caffeine not only increases metabolism, but also increases fat oxidation at the same time. In connection with the cocoa extract, an optimal stack is obtained here.


Lipase is the enzyme that digests fat and is used by the body to break down fats for burning in the form of free fatty acids. In this case, lipase is used to suggest to the body that it can accelerate this conversion and thus make more free fatty acids available.

In combination with the other ingredients, it makes it possible to burn fat more efficiently.

– Bitter orange

Bitter orange extract (standardized to synephrine) offers another synergy in combination with caffeine and cocoa extract. Synephrine can increase metabolism, reduce hunger and increase fat oxidation. It can also improve performance when combined with caffeine.

-Brown algae extract (Fucoxanthin)

The Heat contains a whopping 10 mg of fucoxanthin per capsule, making it one of the highest doses on the market, regardless of whether it is a fat burner or GDA. Fucoxanthin has a number of benefits ranging from fat burning, liver health, cholesterol to brown fat conversion, as well as insulin sensitivity, heart health and more. In HEAT it is therefore an essential component to complete the synergy. Fucoxanthin is optimal in HEAT due to its effect in lowering blood sugar, improving fat oxidation and thereby accelerating its conversion to brown fat.

-Black pepper extract (piperine)

Black pepper extract is in HEAT due to the improved bioavailability of all ingredients. By adding piperine, it is possible to significantly improve the absorption of all ingredients. This makes the effect much stronger


Please start the dosage slowly with one capsule a day. Even if you are already used to other strong fat burners, you should test their tolerance and, if necessary, increase them to a maximum of 3 capsules per day over time.
MockupHeat 1800x1800 Heathinten 1800x1800

The heat unfolds the best effect before an empty cardio unit. In the build-up, 1 capsule is enough before the sober cardio.

Recommended dosage

Take 1 capsule whole with sufficient liquid before physical activity. Please no more than 3 capsules per day.

ingredients per capsule

Grains of Paradise Extract (12.5% Paradol) 150 mg

Cocoa extract 100 mg of which alkaloids 50 mg

Cayenne pepper extract 100 mg of which capsaicin 1 mg

Caffeine (anhydrous) 100 mg

Lipase 50 mg

Bitter orange extract 22 mg of which synephrine 6.6 mg

Brown algae extract 20 mg of which fucoxanthin 10 mg

Black pepper extract 5.26 mg of which piperine 5 mg


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