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90 capsules 30 daily rations ➤ Positive effects on heart volume ➤ Lowers blood pressure and heart rate ➤ Optimizing blood lipid levels ➤ Normal function of blood vessels ➤ With nattokinase for improved blood flow ➤ High dose coenzyme Q10 – 200 mg per portion

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We have developed Heartfelt for you as the ultimate in heart health – it supports heart function and health in all areas.

Ambitious athletes and bodybuilders, especially in heavier weight classes, should pay attention to a healthy heart.

In addition to cardio and a suitable diet, an improvement in heart volume, a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, and an improvement in blood flow help here. The content used in Heartfelt also improves cholesterol levels. In combination with Cholestjælpen and its antioxidant ingredients, it is hardly possible for your heart.

The ingredients are of usual HPN quality in high and, above all, sensible doses. Above all, the nattokinase contained in a cardiac combination product that athletes previously had to purchase individually is new and unique.
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  • Arjuna extract

Our Arjuna extract is standardized to 0.5% Arjunolic acid to ensure maximum quality. Arjuna may improve cardiac output (pumping), lower blood pressure, improve HDL/LDL ratio, lower heart rate, and may improve chest pain associated with angina. Besides these many qualities, Arjuna can help in many other things, but that is beyond the scope.

  • Horse chestnut extract

Our horse chestnut extract is standardized to 20% aescin, so we exceed the relevant doses of 50mg aescin. Horse chestnut extract is included in Heartfelt for its protective properties of the veins and veins. Thus, it can greatly help with venous insufficiency, varicose veins and the general health of the cardiovascular system

  • Coenzym Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is essential for our mitochondria and for our life. An adequate level of Q10 is necessary for our heart health. That’s why we built 200mg into Heartfelt. Q10 is known for its beneficial properties in heart health.

  • Butcher’s broom extract

Our Butcher’s broom extract is similar to our horse chestnut extract and is used for its beneficial properties on our cardiovascular system. It can greatly promote vein health and have a mild diuretic effect. This can improve blood pressure

  • Nattokinase

Nattokinase has been used in the heart for blood thickening. Because of its enzyme, nattokinase can act as a strong blood thinner and thus help against thrombosis. It is also a mild ACE inhibitor, which can further lower blood pressure.


Frequently asked questions

Does it further improve blood pressure in combination with Kidney Flush?

Yes, both products work synergistically.

Can it help with left ventricular hypertrophy?

That was the basic intention when developing Heartfelt.

Does it lower your resting heart rate?

yes it could

Does it help if your heart is too big?

yes it could

Should I take nattokinase with other blood thinners?

Please clarify with your doctor.

Can I take Heartfelt in the morning?

We recommend taking it in the evening. Blood thickness is highest in the morning, and we want to avoid complications.

Recommended dosage

Please take 3 capsules with a meal and sufficient liquid. We recommend taking it in the evening and not in the morning

Contents per Capsule per Portion
Arjuna Extrakt 333,34 mg 1000 mg
contain arjunolsyre 1,67 mg 5 mg
Hestekastanjeekstrakt 133,34 mg 400 mg
contain aescin 26,67 mg 80 mg
Coenzym Q10 66,67 mg 200 mg
Butcher’s broom extract 66,67 mg 200 mg
contain 10% ruscogenin 6,67 mg 20 mg
Nattokinase 666,67 FU 2000 FU



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