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90 capsules 30 – 90 servings Vegan

➤ Reduction of insulin resistance – Improved lipid and carbohydrate metabolism

➤ Displacement of the mass increase in the direction of the muscles.

➤ Enhanced Glycolysis – Helps the body utilize glucose

➤ Increased insulin production – Increased storage of glucose in the muscle cells

➤ Once built up, it ensures increased carbohydrate absorption in the muscles

➤ In the diet, it improves the breakdown of adipose tissue.

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To get the maximum benefit from GDA+, GDA should be taken 3 times a day. In general, one capsule is enough – 3 times a day with meals.
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A sample plan looks like this:

meal 1

meal 2 – GDA 1 Capsule

meal 3 – GDA 1 Capsule

meal 4

meal 5 – GDA 1 Capsule


For very large meals with very high amounts of carbohydrates (~ 100-150 g of carbohydrates), two capsules should be used. In general, one capsule of GDA+ is enough for up to 60 – 100 g of KH – but this is individual. With 60 – 70 g of carbohydrates, it can happen that even 1 capsule significantly reduces your blood sugar and you get the feeling of hypoglycaemia. GDA can also be used before bed or cardio, but should only be used by experienced users as this is when the risk of hypoglycemia is greatest.



gdaThe advantage of GDAs is that the effect is measurable. For this, you need a blood sugar meter, which is usually available free of charge at the pharmacy. Measure your blood sugar on the first day without GDA. Then eat (on an empty stomach) 70g of carbohydrates in a relatively fat-free meal and measure your blood sugar again after 30 minutes. On the second day, you repeat the measurement, only this time you take a capsule of GDA+ with the meal. Measure your blood sugar after 30 minutes. Important: If you have already eaten other meals, you should also measure after 60 minutes, as your body may be busy digesting for longer! The better the GDA, the lower the value should be. So you can easily determine which is the best GDA and also how many capsules you need for a carbohydrate-rich meal to get the best possible effect for your muscle building. The primary benefit of GDA+ is to drive carbohydrates into muscles and optimize fat loss. This happens through improved insulin sensitivity and at the same time increased insulin production. The optimal scenario is more insulin, better distributed and delivered to the right places. This results in our blood sugar levels falling faster and the carbohydrates we absorb end up in the muscles and not in the fat tissue. Probably the biggest problem on the way to a lean muscular body is insulin resistance. This leads to a worsening of lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, increased blood pressure and is the cause of the metabolic syndrome. The goal is to optimize insulin sensitivity. Because that determines whether carbohydrates end up in the muscles or in the fat cells. Since we as bodybuilders, especially when building up, consume large amounts of carbohydrates, improving insulin sensitivity is crucial here. In addition to using supplements such as GDA+, you should also ensure that you get enough restful sleep. Inadequate sleep has been shown to reduce insulin sensitivity. Compared to other glucose disposal agents on the market, GDA+ is very highly dosed. For example, it contains 25 mg of fucoxanthin per capsule. Many brands use 1-5 mg here, the better ones only 8 mg. The unique composition of berberine, fucoxanthin, kaempferol, cinnulin and gymnema sylvestre is also an absolute novelty.

Berberine HCL

Berberine has many beneficial properties, from reducing blood sugar levels, improving cholesterol levels, helping to burn body fat, to antioxidant properties. In GDA+ it is primarily due to the effect on blood sugar levels. It works in several ways: – Reduction of insulin resistance – Increased glycolysis – helps the body use glucose – Reduction of sugar production in the liver – Improvement of the intestinal flora and thus efficiency


Gymnema sylvestre
Gymnema sylvestre is in the GDA+ because of its ability to increase insulin production and release. As a result, blood sugar can be lowered more quickly and carbohydrates can be brought into the muscles more quickly. The synergy of the other ingredients results in an insulin-like effect.

Japansk snoretræekstrakt
In the case of GDA+, the Japanese navel tree extract is standardized to kaempferol. In general, however, it also offers other important ingredients such as quercetin in addition to kaempferol. The focus here is kaempferol, which can also reduce insulin resistance and at the same time, like Gymnema Sylvestre, increase insulin release. As a result, the effect of GDA+ is greatly increased and the goal of storing glycogen in the muscles is achieved much better.

Cinnulin PF – kanelekstrakt

Cinnulin PF is a patented extract that combines the best properties of cinnamon. The extract also helps to improve insulin sensitivity and thus also in the absorption of glucose in the cell. In this way, the synergy of GDA+ can be further improved and glycogen can be introduced into the cell more efficiently.


Myricetin is about the GLP1 mechanism in insulin/blood sugar. In a simplified way, myricetin does the same thing as insulin, just not like insulin. Glycogen is thus transported into the cell via other routes and thus all routes are used to fill a cell.

Brunalgeekstrakt – Fucoxanthin

It’s all about the fucoxanthin here. Fucoxanthin can improve insulin sensitivity, increase insulin secretion and thus greatly increase the effect of GDA+. In GDA+ there is an incredible 25mg (in most GDAs there is 1-5mg per capsule…). Due to the combination with the other ingredients, the effect of GDA+ is so strong.

Sort peberekstrakt (piperine)

Black pepper extract is in GDA+ due to the improved bioavailability of all ingredients. By adding piperine, it is possible to significantly improve the absorption of all ingredients. This makes the effect much stronger.

Frequently asked questions

can i take GDA+ right before training?

Yes, it makes sense with your pre-workout meal.

How do you know GDA+ is the best GDA?

Blood glucose meters are usually available free of charge at pharmacies. get one take the test Then you will know why we are so sure.

Can I take it on top of metformin?

Yes, that’s no problem

Can GDA+ be taken together with enzymes?

Yes, it’s not a problem.

Recommended Dosage:

Please take 1 – 3 capsules before a meal with sufficient liquid.

Table of Contents per Capsule per 3 Capsules
Berberin HCL 100 mg 300 mg
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 100 mg 300 mg
Including gymnemiske syrer 75 mg 225 mg
Japansk snoretræekstrakt 75 mg 225 mg
Including kaempferol 15 mg 45 mg
Cinnulun PF ® (kanelekstrakt) 75 mg 225 mg
Moyam Extract 75 mg 225 mg
Including Myricetin & Dihhydromyricetin 73,5 mg 220 mg
Brunalgeekstrakt 50 mg 150 mg
deraf fucoxanthin 25 mg 75 mg
Sort peber Extract 2,11 mg 6,33 mg
Including Piperin 2 mg 6 mg


Berberine extract granules, Gymnema sylvestre extract, Japanese navel tree extract (20% kaempferol) Cinnulin PF®, moyeam extract, brown seaweed extract (50% fucoxanthin), black pepper extract, capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose


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