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400g 40 portions

➤ The strongest pump booster – more pump and performance during training

➤ Increased production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body – Improved oxygen and nutrient absorption

➤ Faster breakdown of toxic metabolites

➤ Reduced fatigue and a very long-lasting pump

➤ Without stimulants

➤ Absolute nitrate overload

375,00 kr.

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After almost a year, the time has finally come! The strongest pump booster on the market, H.P.N 3D pump!
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Even more pumps and improved training performance!

With 3D Pump you get the maximum possible pump through an absolute nitrate overload that will blow your arms in the gym!

Even more pump is not possible! Because after a maximum pump comes a drop in blood pressure!

Hence the disclaimer: Please increase the dose slowly.

But we have optimized the formula even more! In addition to an incredible pump, 3D pump ensures improved training performance and higher regeneration.

3D pump should not only be a fun product, but should significantly improve your training performance.

We go one step further here, the absolute focus is on the pump and training performance! No compromises with the ingredients!

Understand your ingredients:

  • Pure citrulline

3D-pump contains 6000 mg of pure citrulline and no citrulline malate!

  • Arginin nitrat

Of which 1750 mg nitrates and 3250 mg arginine!

  • Oxystorm TM

Even more nitrates and potassium supplier

  • Norvalin

Inhibition of nitrogen depletion – Extended pump

  • Natriumbicarbonat

Sodium source – Optimal as before training

  • Surkirsebærekstrakt

Improved blood flow, more lactate breakdown and more performance

  • Hesperidin

Improved blood flow and longer pumps!

  • Fyrrebark ekstrakt

Improved blood flow and longer pumps!

  • Premium grøn te ekstrakt

Improved blood flow and longer and stronger pumps!

  • Gymnema Sylvestre

More insulin release – more nitrogen – stronger pumps

  • Kamilleekstrakt

Better blood flow – stronger and longer pumps

Frequently asked question

  • Can I take 3D pump with antihypertensive medication?

Please consult your doctor and start with a very low dose!

  • When should I take 3D-Pump?

30 minutes before training

  • What is the maximum dose?

You should take a maximum of 20g. More is absolutely not necessary! BUT we strongly recommend starting with half the dose (10 grams)

  • Can I take it with another caffeinated PWO

Yes absolutely. But rather take one with a low content of Pump ingredients and one that has a higher focus on stimulants and nootropics.



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