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Mega Pump is our non-stimulant based pre-workout designed to deliver supreme focus and wild pumps. We use Nitrosigine® which is a patented form of arginine. The use of Nitrosigine® has been shown to promote the production of nitric oxide (NO) for improved blood flow, focus and energy. AlphaZone® is also a key feature of Mega Pump, this will improve cognitive function and give you laser-like focus.

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It may be a good idea to take a break from your pwo if it contains stimulants, as the body gets used to the amount of caffeine and builds up a tolerance.

In those periods, it may therefore be an idea to use what we call “pump” pressure without stimulants, which focuses on vasodialation, what we call the pump!
If you use too much caffeine, it can actually counteract the pump effect and therefore pump products can be a good alternative, especially for those who train later in the afternoon or evening to avoid the caffeine having a negative impact on sleep.

With us, we have a large selection of both pwo with and without stimulants, all of which are clinically correctly dosed to give you the optimal effect. Some also contain nootropics that help you get a better focus and a good mind-muscle connection! What’s not to like

If you train later than the afternoon, I always recommend that you primarily use pump pwo without stimulants. We are big fans of Mega Pumo, which lives up to its name. It gives the wildest pump, good effect and mind-muscle-connection.

As Arnold once said: the greatest feeling you can get in the gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is the PUMP!

Note that each bucket of Megapump is 387 gr and provides 25 servings.

Serving size: 1 spoon(15g.5)
Portions per container: 25
  Amount per portion
L Citrullin 5000mg
Glycerstørrelse 2500mg
ALCAR 1500mg
Bitter melon ekstrakt 1000mg
Rødbede ekstrakt 1000mg
Nitrosigin 1000mg
Fyrrebark 500mg
Alpha GPC (Alpha Zone) 250mg

Grape, Peach, Devils Sangria


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