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Alpha Neon Pumped TF

Alpha Neon Pumped TF

Supreme Supplements presents Alpha Neon Pumped TF 380g!

315,00 kr.

Alpha Neon Pumped TF

Supreme Supps presents Alpha Neon Pumped TF 380g!

Alpha Neon Pumped TF is a brand new stimulant-free pre-workout that will transform the way you train!

Non-Stim Pre-Workout is a complete non-stimulant pre-workout formula with everything you need for the ultimate workout no matter what time of day!

Not only for focus and nootropic sensations, but of course – as the name suggests.. PUUUUMP!

Loads of other great ingredients from patented Amentopump® known to directly increase strength as well as increased efficacy and increased insulin sensitivity.

RedNite® another patented ingredient known to improve muscle power rate and enhance the mind-muscle connection while reducing fatigue and increasing stamina and endurance. As well as some of the classics L-Taurine and Green Tea Xtract as well as LOTS of Glycerol powder for increased blood flow and vascularity!

Glycerol is in an alarmingly high dose of 10 gr per serving, which is known to give you an unusually high pump. Supplement this pwo as a supplement with a caffeine PWO and you will just see antics.

With Pumped TF you can also stack with your favorite pre-workout. You’ll be fully focused, energized and eager for workout after workout! Why Alpha Neon Pumped TF?!

Patented ingredients

  • Stimfree
  • Complete pre-workout formula
  • Crazy pumps   



Cherry Cola, Energy, Rainbow Candy, Rasberry Lemonade


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Alpha Neon Pumped TF
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