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Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre Workout

Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre

Increases strength and endurance†

Prime Muscles for Growth†

Laser-like focus†

Powerful, clean energy with no crash†

Double patented nutrient absorption†

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Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre Workout

Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pre Workout – Max dosed, patented and clinically tested ingredients

The formula: If ingredients aren’t max-dosed, they might as well not even be in the pre-workout. That’s why we made sure to dose SuperHuman Pre-Workout with maximum doses so that you get maximum results.

SuperHuman is the first max-dosed preworkout in the 5 pillars of a perfect pre-workout. This means you can expect powerful energy with zero crashes, intense focus, skin-tearing pumps, maximum muscle strength and endurance, and the ability to reach new levels in the gym – even on days when you feel tired and unmotivated.

Column 1: Powerful energy & focus WITHOUT a crash One of the biggest issues with pre-workouts and energy drinks is that after the initial energy boost, you feel like a lifeless zombie.

Strategically formulated to counteract the above by combining 2 forms of caffeine plus L-Theanine. Provides long-lasting, clean energy and focus without the nasty crash other pre-workouts are known for. When the 3 ingredients are combined, there is also a pronounced synergistic effect that results in a superhuman training experience and energy all day long.

Column 2: Superhuman strength and endurance SUPERHUMAN contains two muscle-building ingredients in clinical doses – Beta Alanine dosed at 3200mg, clinically shown to increase muscle carnosine levels, resulting in greater muscle endurance and supporting the muscle and strength building process. And Betaine Anhydrous dosed at 2500mg to enhance the muscle and strength building process by supporting between solid muscle recovery and exercise performance.

Column 3: Long Lasting Skin Tearing Pumps While most brands sell you a separate pump formula that costs you more $$$, Alpha Lion formulated Superhuman with a world class pump formula. With 2 patented ingredients to increase the production of nitric oxide, which leads to greater vasodilation and greater muscle pumps. S7® – proven to increase nitric oxide levels by 260% at a dose of 50 mg. Nitrosigine® – new patented complex of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. Backed by clinical science and designed to increase nitric oxide levels, resulting in painfully good muscle pumps. Also, these two patented ingredients are combined with the clinical dose of L-Citrulline to provide extreme vasodilation. Helps increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during exercise, improving your performance and preparing your muscles for growth.

Column 4: Optimize performance Just turning up at the gym isn’t good enough. Want to perform at optimal level to ensure every second is not wasted and ultimately achieve physical goals. SUPERHUMAN will take an average workout to a SUPERHUMAN workout GUARANTEED. Pillar 5: Enhanced Nutrient Absorption SUPERHUMAN has a double patented nutrient absorption matrix to ensure that everything inside superhuman goes into the cells. Both BioPerine® and AstraGin® – two extensively researched patented ingredients that improve nutrient absorption and support gut health. More on the science of these two below. Together you unlock the true potential of SUPERMAN. Ultra-Premium Ingredients Most supplement companies cut corners to save money by using bottom-shelf ingredients. It is not okay. Packed with FIVE ultra-premium patented ingredients in clinical doses to ensure the highest possible quality and quantity. Infinergy™ DiCaffeine Malate – combined with anhydrous caffeine and l-theanine, it results in strong, long-lasting energy without the nasty crash. S7® – proven to increase nitric oxide levels by 260% at a single dose of 50mg. Nitrosigine® – patented complex of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. Backed by clinical science and designed to increase nitric oxide levels, resulting in painfully good muscle pumps. Unlock the full potential of your supplements with SuperHuman’s double-patented absorption matrix SUPERHUMAN is the first pre-workout to use a double-patented nutrient absorption matrix. When you combine clinically dosed ingredients with optimal absorption of nutrients, you unlock the full potential of the superhuman, which is powerful. 1. AstraGin® – is a patented, 100% natural compound that increases the absorption of many vital nutrients, promoting a healthy gut environment. Shown in 16 in vitro and eight in vivo studies to increase the bioavailability and absorption of several key nutrients: amino acid absorption (by 62%), L-Citrulline (by 45%), Arginine (by 67%), Leucine (by 58% ). 2. Bioperine® – has been shown in clinical trials to increase the absorption of several nutrients. In addition, also shown to help thermogenesis. The metabolic process that generates energy in the human body, a key factor in maintaining weight loss.


While other brands underdose, SuperHuman clinically doses each ingredient + allows you to absorb MORE of what’s inside each serving. How fast will you get stronger, build more muscle and burn more fat? Feel superhuman at all training levels We can’t all be Mr. Olympia out of the womb. When it comes to fitness goals, we are all on our own personal journeys. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, SuperHuman tiered serving sizes will allow you to get EXACTLY what you need without going over or under. For beginners, we recommend a scoop to assess tolerance. For advanced athletes, we recommend the full two-scoop serving. World-class formula meets world-class taste A pre-workout that actually tastes good? Available in five delicious flavours. 100% Label Transparency Only cowards hide behind magic “mixtures” in their formulas that are just marketing excuses for underdosed ingredients and ineffective products. We pride ourselves on our Full Label Disclosure so you see EVERY ingredient inside, which means: No proprietary blends No fillers No B.S. And more importantly, no excuses…



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