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Alaska Omega 3 Forte – Perfect Health

Alaska Omega 3 Forte

– Perfect Health Highest dose of active ingredients
– EPA and DHA in the correct ratio Beneficial for heart, brain, and eyes Sustainable
(MSC certified) fish oil Natural vitamin E in the most bioavailable form Pure fish oil with very low TOTOX
(oxidation value; between 0 and 3)

135,00 kr.270,00 kr.

Alaska Omega 3 Forte – Perfect Health

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid.

That means your body needs it, but can’t produce it on its own.

So you need to get these from your diet. Omega 3 occurs naturally mainly in fatty fish.

It’s the bioactive compounds EPA and DHA in omega 3 that have a positive effect on your health.

More than 80% of adults don’t get enough omega 3, while we consume more bad fats.

Consumption fish increasingly swims in polluted water or is artificially saturated.

This does not help you get sufficient amounts of omega 3 every day; let alone optimal amounts.

And that’s exactly what we stand for at Perfect Health.

Omega 3 is very important for good health.

It’s necessary for proper maintenance of the heart, brain, and vision, as many scientific studies are available on.

More and more are also emerging, showing that omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in many more body processes.

It is therefore wise to consume sufficient and preferably optimal amounts of EPA and DHA fatty acids every day.

Alaska Omega 3 Forte is a high-quality Omega 3 supplement that provides an optimal daily supply of EPA and DHA fatty acids.

It contains the patented AlaskOmega® quality mark. This omega 3 comes from fish swimming in the clean northern Pacific waters of Alaska. The extract is double purified through a special distillation process

and is the purest and cleanest omega 3 extract in the world. It also contains the highest concentration of EPA and

DHA, the active ingredients in omega 3. AlaskaOmega® is the only omega 3 extract that is MSC certified.

This means that the fish oil comes exclusively from sustainable fish, and that the fishing complies with the strictest rules.

Alaska Omega 3 Forte is for anyone looking for the highest quality in omega 3 supplements.

Feel like a fish in water with Alaska Omega 3 Forte.

Quality is the most important criterion when choosing an omega 3 supplement. Alaska Omega 3 Forte contains the patented

quality mark AlaskOmega®, which meets the highest quality criteria.

It is one of the absolute best omega 3 extracts worldwide. AlaskaOmega® is extracted from fish swimming in

the cold and clean northern Pacific near Alaska. Alaska’s fishing industry is known as the best organized in the world.

Due to a patented high-quality production process, the omega 3 extract is of extremely high purity. AlaskOmega®

has been thoroughly filtered, deodorized, and purified from harmful pollutants. The raw fish oil is extracted immediately

after catching, so it is of the highest quality. This oil then undergoes a special purification and extraction process,

resulting in the purest and highest EPA and DHA fatty acid concentrations. The purer and more concentrated they are, the

better the effect. Acid reflux with fish taste is also a thing of the past with this pure fish oil. Fish oil can quickly become

oxidized (rancid). This is the case with most fish oil supplements. AlaskOmega® fish oil extract is certified as the

purest and cleanest omega 3 extract in the world, and it is important if you want the best for your health. This is reflected

among other things in a very low TOTOX (total oxidation value) of between 0 and 3, while most fish oil extracts have a

TOTOX of 10 to 26. Alaska Omega 3 Forte also contains an optimal dose of natural vitamin E, whose function is to

further stimulate cleanliness and purity. Furthermore, it acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect your body. Alaska Omega

3 Forte contains the MSC quality mark, which means that our fish oil comes from sustainable fish and from fishing,

where strict rules apply. This way, you are guaranteed sustainable quality: it is good for the environment, but also your

health. With Alaska Omega 3 Forte, you give your body high-quality Omega 3 every day with optimally effective doses of

EPA and DHA.

Alaska Omega 3 Forte contains a very high dose of the active fatty acids EPA and DHA. And that’s exactly what

determines the effect of Omega 3. Alaska Omega 3 Forte contains 1000 mg of fish oil with 600 mg of EPA and DHA fatty acids,

of which 360 mg is EPA and 240 mg is DHA. This is the highest possible dose in this ideal EPA and DHA ratio. The fish oil is

double purified and therefore free of heavy metals (which are often found in fish/fish oil capsules). The fish oil is from sustainable fish and

is certified with the MSC quality mark. This is not only good for the planet, but also for your health. The Omega 3 capsules

also contain natural vitamin E. This fat-soluble vitamin works best in fatty substances like fish oil. It acts

as a powerful antioxidant, keeping the fish oil clean and powerful and also protecting your body cells.


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